Meet the Needs of the Chickasaw People


We have been enjoying a great time of progress and celebration in the Chickasaw Nation.

As a result of Governor Anoatubby’s leadership and commitment to respond to the needs of the Chickasaw people, new and renovated facilities were recently opened in Purcell. A new wellness center and area office were opened, along with an expanded health clinic. Governor Anoatubby stated that the new wellness center, which includes a pool, was built in response to the needs expressed by people in the area. He stated that the wellness center, new regional office and expanded health clinic will help accomplish the mission of enhancing the overall quality of life of the Chickasaw people. With a senior center, community center and nutrition center on the Purcell campus, people of the Purcell area can conveniently access virtually every service offered by the Chickasaw Nation.

In Ada, a new emergency medical services building was opened to help ensure the level of service offered keeps pace with increasing demand. Last year alone, emergency medical services made more than 1,100 ambulance trips to and from the medical center, with an average trip of more than 180 miles.

July and August were marked by several developments highlighting Governor Anoatubby’s efforts to preserve and revitalize our Chickasaw culture. In July, the Chickasaw Cultural Center marked two significant milestones as it welcomed its 600,000th visitor just more than a week prior to celebrating seven years of operation. Only a few weeks later, a mobile app for Rosetta Stone Chickasaw was made available, to help make learning the language more accessible for all Chickasaws.

On October 2nd, we will have a special ribbon cutting ceremony for the Chickasaw Veteran’s Lodge. It will be a special morning as we dedicate and open the building for those courageous men and women of have serve our country in the armed forces. The 14,500 square-foot lodge will provide a unique and special place for veterans to gather for fun and fellowship. The lodge will also serve as a centralized location for veterans to find assistance with counseling or other services.

And on Saturday, October 7th, Governor Anoatubby will deliver his State of the Nation address, outlining the impressive progress the Chickasaw Nation continues to see across all areas from economic development to cultural preservation.

It is amazing to consider the progress we are so fortunate to witness in the Chickasaw Nation!